Robert Smith

We first learned about Robert Smith, a Canadian expat, while doing online research into towns and rentals in Costa Rica. Robert and his wife, Cecelia, own and operate a beautifully landscaped rental complex on the outskirts of Palmares in a barrio known as Esquipulas. His rental homes are comfortable and meticulously maintained. After submitting the form, you’ll be redirected to Robert’s website. Be sure to save us to your favorites or use your back button to visit us again.

Cecelia and Robert Smith, Palmares, Costa Rica

Cecelia and Robert Smith,
Palmares, Costa Rica

Robert Smith

Palmares, Central Valley, Costa Rica

Robert Smith and his wife, Cecelia, are a Canadian-Costa Rican couple who purchased and developed their property in Palmares, Alajuela, tree-by-tree and building-by-building about 17 years ago. They are avid gardeners, and their beautiful property reflects this.

We communicated with Robert, via email for a few months before our first trip to Costa Rica, and he was one of the first expats we met during that trip. We loved his property and enjoyed the walk from there to the center of town which has a beautiful Centro, multiple stores, and access to public transportation. Robert took us to Bar Fory Fay where we enjoyed some wonderful fish. We went back towards the end of our trip to spend a night in one of Robert’s houses and explore the town more. We really enjoyed our time in Palmares, and it still remains high on our short list of ideal retirement towns.